Friday, 22 June 2012


Every action and activity in which man engages are very effective on his life-either constructive or destructive.
Every obstacles man comes across is neither constructive nor destructive to his life. If he ovewrcomes the obstacle, it only opens the door for more of complex obstacles to find their ways in, and if he does not overcome the obstacle, he remains in his wretched disposition until GOD-KNOWS-WHEN.
Obstacles are the challenges that come the way of an individual, that pose like a big mountain and create fear and fright within him, and use the instilled fright as a tool to oppose him from reaching his goal.
These obstacles come in different forms for different people. For a student, it may be financial. For a government policy. For a church or a mosque, it may be Satan. These are few samples of the forms in which obstacles may appear, and most of the time, we are the ones responsible for their access to our lives.
(To be continued)

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