Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TACKLING CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA: Corruption is an economic disease which uninvitedly penetrates a society as a result of ready minds wanting to get rich quickly. It's usually a gross product of poverty. If we're to place an average Nigerian on a test of leadership over a society for a particular period of time,he is sure t ghastly fall and fail because of what he is possibly going to do. No one can totally excuse himself from the guilt of corruption,for as it is,it is deadlier than any poisons ever known. Corruption,being a silent killer,slowly kills the human conscience to total silence. A man without a conscience is as good as dead. When corruption is being made mention of,many minds race down the lane of employments versus bribery,thinking straight towards an economic tool (money). This is virtually a sarcastical error as corruption comes in different forms and by different means. The Nigerian security,agricultural sector,educational system,health care sector,information sector,legistlative sector amongst others are the primary stages of corruption while the general masses are no exception to the matter. It comes through bribery,request for sexual intercourse in exchange for helps and offers,banks diverting some minute amount of money from different accounts to a separate one,lecturers aiding students out because of sentimental attachments and gains,and the list unending. It would hence be clearly figured out at this junction,that no one can possible claim to know all about corruption,nor ignorance of the reality of the concept. Ask a child on an errand and watch him refuse. Promise him a cup of tea on his return and check his reaction. Send him such errands in subsequent times and see what he's going to do. It's in the blood,in the system. The problem is that it cannot be totally eradicated,for whilst some individuals and groups of people are busy finding out how to build a mast,others are looking for the fall of the builders. However,it is possible to control corruption. This can be achieved by individuals deliberately putting up ideas,which will be brought together and reviewed by fellow concerned Nigerians with some sense of responsibility. Together we stand,divided we fall. Two heads are better than one. Let's all work together to make this country a corrupt free one,and we'll live to see brighter days and more.

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