Saturday, 20 October 2012


(you are who you are and what you are by what you think about yourself)

Life is a very complex thing: it has diverse definitions. It involves all things created by the Almighty - not only the living things, but also the nonliving - which must live and interact together, despite their variance in character. Amongst these creatures are human beings who, although are the same in physical structure, have different ionic characteristics. Ionic characteristics of human beings, as defines by Sir Lord Laborgem, are those traits that emerge mostly when human beings are acting without their minds, that is when they are mostly unconscious. Therefore since human beings are different from one another and since they must all live and interact together, conflicts and fightings cannot but occur.

Human beings are social creatures, just like most of other organisms such as the ants, bees, apes, wild animals and so on, of very finite listing. We are made too social that we can decide who to please, when to please them and by what means we please them. But then, situational occurences have revealed on a very large scale how human beings try to please everyone, forgetting that sovereign fact of the economists that we humans are highly insatiable. Professor Likel Jenkison (1902-1961) said, "You'll give your mind unrest by putting everyone in a state of liking you, for the more they prise your presence, the more they slander your absence". Sir Walter De la'Maire also said, "Please everyone and please no one". The question is, "how then do we go about this life, pleasing everyone and hurting no one?"

Imagine yourself existing in a world of your own, gettiing to meet another person in a world of his/her own. Both of you decide to come together in a bigger world-world of our own. Since no one is perfect, you cannot by any means do without hurting the feelings one of another, probably by liking different things. Nevertheless, as long as your mind tells you that you are on the right path, you just have to be yourself and believe in yourself. That friend of yours will get to reason with you as the days go by. But if you ever falter on your own will to do the right and take up the wrong piece of advice, your friend will be the first person to put the blame on you.

Remeber, you cannot please everyone, according to the adage which says that what faces you surely backsides someone else. Therefore, be yourself and just believe in yourself. Take advice, but be concrete , solid and resolute in your decision, and get all the necessary feedbacks to boost the amplitude and the modulation of your input, the resultant of which will be an exponentially solved output! Be yourself and do the right. Though everyone around you do not see things the way you do, stand on your toes. What goes aroumd comes around. Work on your dreams, and achieve. You are where you are because of your past decisions, and not because of what someone else decided for you-that's why we are humans. Whatever you do today is a reflection of what you have done in the past and a refraction of what you are going to do in the nearest future. Therefore, live to fend to blend the end! Set rules for yorself and trust in God and in yourself. You are who you are and what you are by what you think and not your feelings.

Just be yourself.

Piece written by: van fakfil clark.FACEBOOK.COM

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