Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Season

The event, "Father Christmas", is an annual religious celebration usually done by the Christians to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the birth of Jesus Christ was certain, the exact date and month were as such unclear. It was assumed that the Israelites in the olden days usually go to their respective home towns for an annual census towars the end of the year. It was also gathered from biblical histories that Jesus Christ was born on his parents' way to his father's hometown. Of course the last month of the year is December. Since there was still about a week to the new year, it was assumed that Jesus' birth should have fallen on the 25th of December.
The boy Jesus was born in a manger, a place where sheep and cattle are being reared. Since Jesus Christ was God, he could have chosen to be born in the house of a rich man like Nicodemus, but he chose such a lowly and uncomely place as the manger. This shows how humble God wants man to be. Jesus has come to the world, through a woman. He was in the human flesh. He was humble. This shows how God would want every human being to have been.
After about a century to Jesus' crucifixion, the church began to celebrate his birth. Then, it was known as Jesus Birthday. Later on, there rose a man from the then Roman Catholic assembly whose name was Christmas Ellas. He, out of love towards what Jesus Christ did for the whole world, decided to be nailed onto a wooden cross in his hometown. His death was marked by the then Catholic assembly, and it became a custom until today.
One way or the other, the Christmas celebration has been linked to Jesus Christ. We just need to understand the history of the celebration so that we do not celebrate on in the dark. If we are marking Jesus' birth, it is okay. But if we are celebration Ellias Christmas' death in the name of Christ, then we are in the dark.
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was born, killed and resurrected again. We should thank God everyday, and not onl;y on December 25th, for giving us Jesus...
By: Temitayor Van Clark FakFil

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