Saturday, 3 December 2011

AND SO SHALL IT BE! by Temitayor Clark Van-FakFil on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 11:22pm

All things seem so exciting,
As though they'll remain lasting.
Such things chase off athirsting,
That throats dry feel so thanking,
Not wisting what might happen
In days life will sub-sharpen!

But lo,it gets aflapen,
As if nothing will straighten!
All things seem so exciting,
Such things chase off athirsting,
Not wisting what might happen,
But lo,it gets aflapen!

Behold,the age is sprawling,
When deeds shall draw to garden-
When profits shall be written,
And golds and crowd be slighting!

And so shall it be raining,
And rain and sail and craving!
Good deeds shall be birds flying,
Err deeds shall be birds dropping,
And loads of life shall glory,
Being light or of weights heavy-
So light and drawn to heaven,
So heavy,burnt,not dying!

And so shall it be flaming,
In heats and fires not quenching,
In worms and cracks not dying
And punishment not waiting,
In sighs and wails and weeping
To do justice on sinning!

And so shall it be shining,
In houses not afflicting,
And streets of gold not crumbling,
And music everlasting!

It's personal deciding
If flame or shine is pending!

By: Temitayor Van_Fak*Fil Clark.